Our mission is to put the patient or enduser first, and we have a deep and underlying commitment to quality. As part of this commitment, we make sure that the product we manufacture for our customers meets regulatory standardsWe contribute to meeting the high stan- 


dards of the USA, the Europan Commu- nity & other internationally recognized agencies. In 2001, we certified our qua-  lity management system to ISO 9001 and since then, we have continuously practiced at a high level and further developed our system. Since 2006, we 

have maintained a quality management system that is certified to ISO 13485This offers our customers the security of knowing that clinical and regulatory requirements are inherent to our busi- ness practices in all respects.


Viant is committed to providing quality medical devices  and components that are used to save or enhance the lives of the patients we serve. We will maintain compliance with current qual-


ity and regulatory requirements as well as those of our customers. We will monitor, manage risk and take action throughout our processes to ensure the continued effectiveness of our qual-

ity system. All Viant employees are committed to developing and conti-nuously improving products and pro-cesses through measured quality objectives.

"Quality is at the forefront of everything that we do because lives depend on us."

To achieve this vision, we pledge to maintain a medical device manufacturing culture of quality and compliance. We still strive daily to achieve our mantra:


"Quality for life."